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Žiemgalių archeologinis kostiumas ir jo rekonstrukcija

Semigalian archaeological costume and its reconstruction. Methodical material.

This publication presents the methodological material required for the reconstruction of the archaeological costume of Žiemgalii.

Knyga Lietuvos valdovo dvaro prabanga

The luxury of the Lithuanian ruler's estate

The book presents the 13th century. mid-16th century features of the life of the Lithuanian ruler's estate at the beginning.

CD 1 Sedula.jpg

A modern look at the Middle Ages

The booklet describes the production process of medieval archaeological costumes of the folklore group "Sedula". Inside is a compact disc


Rugiaveidė CD Pūtė vėjas ąžuolą

Rye-faced: The wind blew the oak tree

This CD features post-folk singers Rygiaveidės songs.

Sedula CD Kalėdų rytą saulė pražydo

Dogwood: On Christmas morning, the sun bloomed

This CD contains songs about Christmas and Advent by the creative folklore group "Sedula".

Sedula CD ant kalno liepelė žydėjo

Dogwood: On the mountain the linden blossomed

This CD contains the songs of the creative folklore group "Sedula" about the July tree

Sedula CD Vilniaus mieste gražus daržas

Sedula/Intakas: a beautiful garden in the city of Vilnius

The CD contains the most beautiful Lithuanian folk songs, which cover Vilnius. 

CD rugiaveidė 20 metų drauge

Rugiaveidė: 20 Years Together (Double CD)

These CDs contain post-foRye Faces by lchlor performers songs: the first CD contains post-folk songs, the second CD - sung poetry and original songs.

CD Sedula vidur.jpg

Sedula: A Modern Look at the Middle Ages

Sold together with the book "A Modern Look at the Middle Ages".


Kalendorius 2020-2021.jpg

IX-XIII centuries Seljuk clothing. 2020-2021

The calendar presents the archaeological IX-XIII centuries. Seed land suits

Kalendorius 2019.jpg

IX-XIII centuries Seljuk clothing. 2019

The calendar presents the archaeological IX-XIII centuries. Seed land suits

Kalendorius 2017.jpg

Wall calendar. 2017

A wall calendar depicting the 9th-12th centuries. family.

Kalendorius 2015.jpg

Wall calendar. 2015

The calendar presents the costumes of Rumšiškės from the XV-XVI centuries. You can admire them all year long, and after tearing off all the leaves, you can fold the calendar and put it on the bookshelf, because on the second side you will find a description of the costumes.

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