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Radio broadcasts

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LRT radio. A jazzy history. What is the process of reconstructing a historical costume like?

2022-03-02 What does the process of reconstructing a historical costume look like? What is the relationship between scientific reality and interpretation in it? Why does historical costume become part of popular culture? A conversation with archaeologist, manager of VITA ANTIQUA Daiva Steponavičiene.

Lead Rimvydas Laužikas and Indrė Kaminckaitė

Eugenijus Skerstonas

LRT radio. Profiles. Peculiarities of self-decoration of white tribes

2021-01-13 Author and host of the show - Eugenijus Skerstonas.

Eugenijus Skerstonas
LRT radio. Profiles. Appearance culture. Baltic tribes

2020-12-30The author and host of the show is Eugenijus Skerstonas.

TV shows

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TV show "History live. Crafts. Wicker weaving" in 2022.

2022-12-02 Dr. Daiva STEPONAVIČIENĖ, reconstructor of archaeological costume, director of VŠĮ "Vita Antiqua", director of the Vilnius Fine Crafts Association, tells about the weaving of winding tapes.

Zita Kelmickaitė

LRT television. Morning roll with Zita Kelmickaite

03/03/2019. Dr.Daiva Steponavičienė presents to the ensemble "Kupkėmis" archaeological costumes of the Selonian tribe.

Saulius Pilinkus
LRT television. Do iti.estories.Archaeologist Daiva Steponavičienė: many people think that we were provincially ignorant, but on the contrary - we wove, knitted, worked on everything ourselves

2019-09-19 in the program "Stories of Things" (presenter Saulius Pilinkus) Dr.Daiva Steponavičienė tells about bone needles.

Marijampolės tv ženklas
Marijampolė television.

03/24/2018, the continuation of the project "Sūduvi fires - we wake up the world" took place in the capital of Sūduva. The speaker of this event was archaeologist Daiva Steponavičienė - Rugiaveidė. The participants were invited to be introduced to the white costume and had the opportunity to try crocheting with a needle and braiding ribbons.

Reports at conferences
and public lectures

Reports at conferences
(video recordings)

Dr. Daiva Steponavičienė: "White crafts and the attraction of festivals of living archeology"

14/04/2021.Cultural road training "White road".

Dr. Daiva Steponavičienė. Prehistoric tablet woven bands and their place in costume construction.

2020-02-19 Marija Gimbutienė's readings

Daiva Steponavičienė. Jewelry: decoration or a detail of construction? Theory and practice

31st August-4th July, 2016. 22nd Annual Meeting of the EAA.

Public lectures
(video recordings)

Dr. Daiva Steponavičienė: "Vilnius in Lithuanian folk songs"

22/02/2022.Cultural road training "White road".

Daiva Steponavičienė gave a public lecture "Vilnius in Lithuanian folk songs", organized by the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center)

Our videos

Our videos on Youtube

Youtube: The Birth of a Shawl

2022-01-22 The video presents the production process of ancient Baltic cloaks

Youtube: The birth of a shawl

2022-01-22 In ancient times, Baltic women covered themselves with fancy woolen shawls, decorated with brass pieces. This fashion took a thousand years. Six 4th-14th century shawls were reconstructed, based on Lithuanian and Latvian archaeological material, characteristic of Yotvingian, Lithuanian, Curonian, Selonian, Semigalian and Samogitian cultural heritage.

The press writes about us...

Vaida Druskytė and Daiva Steponavičienė
An exhibition where textiles and metal intertwine

Market square. Jestina Borodinaitė. in 2021 October 7

Delphi 1.jpg
Can you at least imagine how our ancestors dressed

Delphi. Arūnas Marcinkevičius. in 2021 January 28

Archaeological costumes of the Selonian tribe
All about the clothes of the Selonian tribe

Kupiškėnai's thoughts. Vile Leščinskiene. 2020-02-06

The Selonian outfit was presented in the castle's arsenal hall Birutė Petkevičiūtė. 22/01/2019

Archaeological finds in the museum
Copyright in Archaeological Reconstructions: Mission Impossible? Ramunė Steponavičiūtė and Ramūnas Birštonas. 01/04/2021

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